Design 360: Photoshop 2 - Photo Retouching Part 2

[Publish date: 24/07/2018]

This class continues to explore photo retouching techniques, this time focusing on those used in recoloring photographs.  Topics include masks, adjustment layers, frequency separation, and skin tone blending.

***Students will not be admitted to class more than 10 minutes after class begins.***

Design 360 is a series of classes that aim to help students develop skills in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  Each class includes a project that can be completed outside of class, either at home or in one of the open labs hosted in the Science, Industry & Business Library Room ETC4, Bronx Library Center,  Countee Cullen, or Columbus Library.


Class Requirements: All classes assume completion of Photoshop for Beginners and Illustrator for Beginners, or a familiarity of the material covered in those classes.


Classes can be completed in any order, at any location, and students are welcome to repeat classes as necessary.


Design 360 Classes:

Photoshop 1 : Photo Retouching Part 1

Photoshop 2 : Photo Retouching Part 2

Photoshop 3 : Brushes and Digital Art

Photoshop 4 : Compositing

Illustrator 1 : Shape Design

Illustrator 2 : Text Design

Illustrator 3 : Illustration

More Info

  • Class Format: Hands on
  • Skill prerequisites: Photoshop for Beginners
  • Audience: Adults

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